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May 2012: The International Association of Airport Executives Canada (IAAE Canada) has published their Fall 2011 Airport Magazine which includes a brief article written by GENIVAR explaining proposed regulatory changes associated with Runway End Safety Areas (RESA) and what they may mean to airport operators across the country. The feature article is a summarized version of the more detailed GENIVAR discussion paper Runway End Safety Areas in Canada Explained: A Practical Overview of NPA 2010-012 which is available as a PDF by clicking here.


February 2012: GENIVAR (formerly Pryde Schropp McComb, Inc.) has been awarded a major aviation project to provide professional planning and engineering services to the Greater Moncton International Airport (GMIA) related to the Extension of Runway 06-24.

GENIVAR’s ability to leverage the synergies of our local Moncton office and our aviation expertise into one full-service team enabled us to deliver a successful bid. Our Moncton team, with collaboration from the Port Elgin, Ontario office, will complete all planning, engineering design and contract administration work during construction. The project is being managed jointly by Bernhard Schropp, Director of Aviation in Port Elgin, Ontario and David Kozak, Manager of Engineering, Transportation unit, in Moncton, New Brunswick.

The Greater Moncton International Airport plans to construct a 1,175 metre extension to Runway 06-24 in support of long haul international cargo and passenger aircraft service. Ultimately, Runway 06-24 will offer a total of 3,050 metres to support aircraft up to and including ICAO Code E criteria (Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777 and Airbus 340). This $24 million project is being funded primarily by the GMIA with the Federal and New Brunswick governments contributing $4 million each toward the project.

The Runway 06-24 Extension project is a very important and strategic project for GMIA and its execution is both a priority from the Airport’s corporate standpoint but also to meet the timelines and stringent requirements of the funding agencies. One of our team’s challenges will be keeping up with the aggressive construction timeline, while at the same time ensuring the airport remains operational; a challenge they have effectively dealt with in past aviation projects.

Currently in the preliminary phases, the project will be carried out over a two year period and must be substantially complete with all funds expended by the end of March 2014.


January 2012: GENIVAR Inc. (formerly Pryde Schropp McComb, Inc.) has recently completed a significant Airfield Planning and Preliminary Design Engineering services contract for Tourism and Leisure Development International LLC, with a construction value estimated at $28 million US.

The Nyonie Airfield will provide access to the large resort development project currently being designed by Tourism and Leisure Development International LLC in Gabon, Africa. In general, the resort will consist of the airfield, a 5 star hotel& convention centre, a marina, golf course and beachfront villas.

This project included preliminary design and performance specifications for a 1,828.8 metre (6,000ft) runway, 30,100 m2 (290,000ft2) aircraft parking apron, connecting taxiway, and heliport. Also included in the airfield design were airfield lighting, apron floodlighting, lighting controls, navaids, an automated weather observation system (AWOS) and backup power generation. The Nyonie Airfield design was based on a Code 4C Non-Precision Runway per International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and recommendations, and will support aircraft as large as the B737.

GENIVAR Inc. also provided schematic design and performance specifications for the Air Terminal Building/Welcome Centre/FBO building and the Combined Services Building (CSB) for the airfield. Buildings schematic design was provided by PBK Architects and guided by Greg Ballentine, Senior Aviation Planner/Architect, Aviation in Genivar Inc.’s Mississauga, Ontario office.

Translation of the design drawings and performance specifications to French was provided by Marc Labelle, Quebec Section Director, Aviation in Quebec City.

The project is being managed by Chris Timmerman, Project Design Manager, Aviation in the Port Elgin, Ontario office, and supported by, Bernhard Schropp, Director of Aviation in Port Elgin, Ontario.

Approvals for final design and construction are anticipated for early 2012 with construction completion scheduled for 2014.


December 2011: GENIVAR Inc. has been awarded a contract to act as the Owners Technical Advisor Team for an ambitious redevelopment program at the Iqaluit International Airport in Nunavut. Leveraging the expertise throughout GENIVAR including the Northern Engineering and Environmental Groups out of Montreal plus our architectural partners, Arcop Group and PBK Architects, a comprehensive and full-service team was assembled to capture the diverse requirements of the project.

On behalf of the Government of Nunavut GENIVAR will complete scope development assignments, indicative designs including airside, landside and building elements, environmental reviews, cost estimates and write the performance specifications for the project. Once final approval for the project has been secured, GENIVAR’s assignment will be expanded to include assisting in the proponent selection process, including reviews of final design and construction programs.

This major capital infrastructure project will see the construction of a new Air Terminal Building, new Combined Services Building and an extensive airside rehabilitation and expansion program valued at over $190million. This important project will open Iqaluit and the region to new investment and growth opportunities.

We look forward to working with the Government of Nunavut on this exciting project. For additional information contact Mr. Bernhard Schropp, Director of Aviation.


December 2011: GENIVAR Inc. (formerly Pryde Schropp McComb, Inc.) has been awarded a significant Planning, Engineering and Construction services contract by the Grande Prairie Airport Commission with construction value estimated at close to $20 million. The project will be in part funded by the Federal Government’s Airport Capital Assistance Program (ACAP).

This project will see the construction of a 609.6 metre (2,000ft) extension and Runway End Safety Area to the Runway 12 end in support of long haul international passenger aircraft service. Ultimately, Runway 12/30 will offer a total of 2,590.8 metres (8,500ft) to support long haul Code D aircraft (Boeing 767 and 787). Along with the runway extension, the Airport is proposing to rehabilitate the existing asphalt pavements on Runway 12/30 (6,500ft) and concrete panel repairs the Main Apron.

GENIVAR will also support the Airport by overseeing revisions to their Federal Zoning Regulations for Runways 12/30 and 07/25 to formally protect the airport from intrusions into the airspace surrounding the airport, thus ensuring long term usability of the airports runways.

The project is being managed by Greg Cuneo, Project Manager, Aviation in the Calgary, Alberta office, and supported by, Bernhard Schropp, Director of Aviation in Port Elgin, Ontario.

The project is scheduled for construction in 2013.


July 2011: Airport Improvement Magazine has published an article about the "virtual expansion" of facilities at the Atlantic City International Airport. GENIVAR's ALFA Airport Revenue Management System was one of the components integrated into this successful $3.5 million project of interconnected systems. The overall project also included Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), Airport Operational Database (AODB), Resource Management System (RMS), Common Use Ticket Counters (CUPPS) and Common Use Self Service Kiosks.

To successfully complete  this integration, GENIVAR customized an interface protocol for ALFA to obtain all necessary movement and passenger data from Infax Inc.'s WinFIDS product. Along with automated aeronautical invoicing of Landing Fees, Loading Bridges and Terminal Fees, ALFA's ReCharge and Miscellaneous Charges modules were deployed. These additional modules facilitate invoicing leases, concessions, utility recoveries and commercial lane passes amongst others. When invoicing is completed, transactions are passed to the Financial Management System (CommunityPlus) via a custom interface also developed by GENIVAR. Finance staff can now save time on manual processes and spend more time on value added activities.


July 2011: GENIVAR, formerly Pryde Schropp McComb, has been retained by the North Bay Jack Garland Airport to undertake an Airport usability and utilization analysis to support the rehabilitation of Runway 18-36. The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate the eligibility of funding the rehabilitation under Transport Canada’s Airports Capital Assistance Program (ACAP).

The analysis will include meteorological windrose studies of Runway 08-26 and Runway 18-36 in accordance with Transport Canada standards and recommendations. The study also includes an in-depth analysis of actual meteorological conditions during air carrier movements for the entire 2010 calendar year based on a comparative review of Environment Canada data and NAV CANADA Aircraft Movement Statistics. The results of the analysis are proposed to be submitted to Transport Canada in support of a funding request for the rehabilitation of Runway 18-36 under the ACAP program.


June 2011: On June 29, 2011, Transport Canada announced that 23 Airports across Canada received funding through the Airports Capital Assistance Program (ACAP), for various airside construction projects and new equipment. Of the $17 million awarded for airside construction projects, GENIVAR Inc. was responsible for assisting Airports in receiving $11.5 million (or 68%) of this funding. Funded airside construction projects where GENIVAR Inc. prepared the application included:

  • $1.63 million for the Powell River Airport for the Rehabilitation of the Main Apron and Taxiway Alpha;
  • $3.76 million for the Tofino Airport for the Rehabilitation of Runway 11-29;
    $214,800 for the Greater Sudbury Regional Airport for Electrical Upgrades;
    $5.93 million for the Prince Albert Airport for the Rehabilitation of Runway 08-26.

In addition, of the $3.9 million provided for equipment purchases, GENIVAR Inc. supported the application for the single largest award of $905,700 for the Kamloops Airport to purchase a fire fighting vehicle and equipment.
This success rate demonstrates our knowledge and understanding of the ACAP Program. Should you have a project under consideration for ACAP Funding, please feel free to contact us to discuss the application process and how we can assist.


April 2011: The Greater Sudbury Airport has selected GENIVAR, formerly PSMI, to assist with the design and construction of the Threshold 30 Commercial Development Project. The project consists of construction of a new partial parallel taxiway north of Runway 30, an extension of Taxiway Alpha, and a Code B taxiway providing access to the proposed hangar development north of Runway 30. The project also includes the construction of landside access to the hangar development and associated utilities. Funding for the project is provided jointly by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and the Greater Sudbury Airport. This project is an important first step in opening the north east quadrant of the airport for future development.".


January 2011: Pryde Schropp McComb, a Division of GENIVAR, in association with Prairie Edge Management Inc., is teaming with the Sioux Lookout Economic Development Commission to prepare a Marketing Strategy for the Sioux Lookout Municipal Airport. The purpose of the Marketing Strategy is to identify growth opportunities in two (2) key areas: commercial development at the Airport and expansion of air services.

The scope of the Commercial Development Strategy includes undertaking an asset inventory of the Airport, identifying the Airport role, undertaking a SWOT analysis, identifying opportunities to attract key industry sectors to the Airport, and to evaluate the commercial airport lands as a community business park. The scope of the Air Service Strategy includes identifying the current air service activities and role of the Airport, identify current and potential origin and destination markets, recognize market enhancement opportunities including tourism, First Nations and Health Care, identify opportunities and constraints associated with air service expansion and determine the criteria required to attract and sustain expanded air services.


January 2011: PSMI, a Division of GENIVAR is approaching the mid-way point of construction of a major redevelopment project at the Providenciales International Airport (Provo) in the Turks and Caicos Islands. PSMI has been tasked by the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA) for the planning, engineering design, tendering, contract administration and project management for the construction project valued at approximately $40M. This is Phase 1 of a major expansion that will precede an Air Terminal Building expansion and landside redevelopment that will resolve present and future aviation demand, environmental and socio-economic issues while attracting long-haul flight services from Europe and abroad.

Construction progress had advanced on-schedule and includes an extension to the existing runway by 1,750ft, a 48,000m2 apron expansion/rehabilitation, the resurfacing of existing runway and main taxiways, over 7km of new perimeter fencing, excavation of approximately 700,000m3 of limestone material, and the total replacement of the existing airfield lighting systems.

An intricate construction staging plan has been developed and implemented by PSMI which requires various construction activities to take place around the clock in order to minimize disruption to airport operations.

PSMI is pleased with the opportunity of working with the TCIAA on such an important and exciting project for the sustainability and economic growth in the TCI. We look forward to the completion of this exciting project in the summer of 2011.


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